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Since Kiani Mineral Group has several ranges of metallic as well as non-metallic minerals, so it can supply raw materials to many factories in the country and abroad.

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General application of talc

General application of bentonite
Among the processing steps of this material, it can be said that first, during the mining process, this material is transported in the form of crushed stones to another place for milling. During the mining process, great care is taken not to contaminate it. And preserve its properties. In the next step, the crushed stones go to mills to remove impurities using various methods such as flotation with floor builders, etc., and finally its powder is produced according to its application. This material has been considered by various industries, it has the property of absorbing high humidity, softness, being oily, etc., which has found various uses in various industries.In the following, we will first get acquainted with the general and intrinsic properties of this powder, and in the next step, we will mention the most important industries that use this powder because of its properties and its application in their industry. Painting industry is another industry that uses powder. Talc is widely used in it. Whiteness and radiance are among the most important benefits that make the use of this powder in this industry an integral part. Plastic industry is another industry that has the most use of talcum powder. In this industry, polymeric materials are used to make and produce products, and talc can be added to them to increase its hardness and thermal resistance and prevent them from sinking.

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